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Pay Per Click?

How Does it Work?

"Pay Per Click is the most powerful tool to drag web traffic to meet your business goal."

Google AdWords. This is the most popular pay-per-click option simply because of the volume of traffic it can provide. Google is the largest search engine, commanding a huge

 67 percent search market share.

In a PPC agreement, the advertiser only pays for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate.

Paying per click is sometimes seen by some as a middle ground between paying per impression and paying per action. When paying per impression, the advertiser assumes the risk of low-quality traffic generated by the publisher. When getting paid for actions, the publisher assumes the risk of low-converting offers by the advertiser.


"In the PPC model, the publisher does not have to worry about the sales conversion rate of the target site, and the advertiser does not have to worry about how many impressions it takes to attract the specified number of clicks."

Google commands a huge percentage of search traffic.


Top ad positions immediately: There is no waiting game to reach the top position. If you are willing to outbid the competition, your ads can be sitting at the top positions right away.

Plans & Pricing: from $850/month

Pricing is based upon number of key words for your selected area x cost per click x number of keywords for your targeted market.

Below we've listed the [Essential Elements] for a successful Pay Per Click Marketing Plan.

1. TRAFFIC PLAN - Target Your Ideal Market.

2. AD COPY/CREATIVE - What Makes Your Company or Business Unique?

4. AD FUNNEL CREATION - Guide Decision  Makers to Your Unique Offer or Promotion.

5. BIDDING STRATEGY - Out bidding your competition is key to a 1st page ranking.

3. AUDIENCE INSIGHTS - Who Are the Influencer's in Your Market?

6. AD OPTIMIZATION - Optimization ensures you stay a head of your competition.

[Key Elements to Effective DIGITAL MARKETING]

We will send you a free report on the KEY ELEMENTS you need for DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY based on your industry.

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