Building Brand Awareness


Brand awareness is the most important aspect of marketing campaigns, at least initially. Introducing potential customers to a product or service in the right way matters, because just as it is with meeting people -- with brand awareness -- first impressions count. The extent to which a product is recognized lies with its brand awareness, which can make or break the brand's profitability. In which ways is brand awareness important? What are the factors?

As soon as someone mentions one of the “big box” stores, comes first to mind? Chances are, it’s the logo: Target’s red circles; Best Buy’s black-and-yellow bold lettering; and Home Depot’s electric orange signage, are all examples of the indelible effect that logos have on brand awareness. The choices of shape, color, and font are all integral to crafting an image that not only affects people’s memories but also generates a positive association. Often, psychologists are consulted when marketers want to make a really powerful logo, as psychologists can advise as to which shapes and colors have a positive association with the the marketing angle that of an individual product or that of a company. A successful logo will convey what the potential consumers can get from your business.

Targeted advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and on other outlets can be used in a variety of ways. Not only can brand awareness be bought by buying ads, but also companies can interact with their existing market base, and through that base, they extend their reach. Let's say that a company asks customers to take a photo of themselves with their product, which qualifies them for free merchandise. 

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