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When Google began in 1998 in Menlo Park, California, James Latham was a young sales rep. straight out of Ikon School of Sales in Altanta Gerogia. 

In the midst of his booming sales career, he landed several larger fortune 500 accounts by being both personable and delivering high quality solutions his clients came to expect. But as technology progressed, he realized that the digital age was coming quickly and would eventually effect all aspects of his business. Traditional sales was on the decline, old school tricks like cold calling and "dropping by" with a business card were no longer effective, and his sales suffered.

As technology progressed the situation worsened. But James realized that this situation held true, not just for his business, but for the larger fortune 500 companies that made up most of his clients as well. They needed a digital solution. Something that would keep pace with technology but still offer a human experience. JBL Consulting was born.

Small businesses, startups, and larger companies still struggled with two things in this new digital landscape. They needed qualified leads, and development of a marketing strategy that would keep their personal touch.

James researched tirelessly the "ins and outs" of technology, and which digital marketing and social media format would work best for his clientele. His clients wanted results they could feel good about, not just "web traffic." The result was a balance of "old school" sales, (personal touch) with Google Analytics, and Adwords Campaign strategy (high tech). 

JBL Consulting has since grown to bring on extremely talented individuals to work with, such as Bruce English, one of the best Photoshop artists in the industry, and Len Marshall, with an incredible wealth of experience in digital marketing and technology.

If you'd like to touch base with us, we would welcome the opportunity to serve you.

James Bradley Latham

James Bradley Latham
Founder and Principal

Brad Latham, 20+ years of organizational sales activities, including sales department oversight, client presentations, and proposal development. Travelled across North America to meet with Fortune 500 accounts in retail, consumer electronics, BTS products. 

Len Marshall
VP Marketing

Len's unique positioning in the field of marketing and trade consulting comes from integrating knowledge and skill sets in the areas of: marketing strategy, PPC analysis, audience insights, risk assessment, business continuity, governance and change management. 

Bruce English
Project Manager

Bruce's responsibilities include delivering every project on time within budget and scope. Project managers should have a background in business skills, management, budgeting and analysis.

Trevor Sinclair
VP Accounts

Trevor joins our team with over 25 years in the produce business. Proven ability to motivate and build strong teams through a positive and proactive leadership style. Demonstrated ability to identify areas of needed improvement, instill vision to achieve company goals and develop/implement measurable changes that optimize productivity and bottom line.

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